I miss you….

I don’t have anywhere else to to turn. So I might as well just talk to you. I miss you. Today is going to a rough day. As much as I’m trying not to cry, I feel them coming. If you were here, you’d tell me to be strong. It’ll get better. You were there for me when no one else was. I wish you were here so I could just talk and talk and talk. And keep talking until I was tired and fell asleep to mozart you always played in the house. Or go for a walk in Morningside park. I’m old enough to drink now. So maybe we could finally have a drink. No one will understand me like you did. No one. I know you’d be proud of me. You always told us we could be whatever wanted to. You took us in when no one wanted us. And kept us when the wrong people tried to take us away. Even after I went away, you still took me back like I never left. I feel so alone. Dess is getting so big. She’s getting a mind of her own and wants to explore. I wish you could see her. I know you can. My world is collapsing around me. And you’re all that I have. You’ve taught me so many words of wisdom and I’m trying to use them to stay afloat. But it’s hard. I just want to give up. Those evil thoughts are creeping back again. Im trying to fight them. But that fix is only temporary. And it leaves behind scars. I don’t want to go down that road. Why is all of this happening to me?! I wish you could say something. As they say, “show me a sign” that everything is going to be ok. 

I miss you Dad.  



Tour De Bronx 2015!

Hey Guys!

So last Sunday I participated in the the 21st annual Tour De Bronx. Boy! Did I have a blast. I chose the 40 miles option. (which actually turned out to be 52.4 miles because I decided at the last minute, halfway to the starting point to get my rain jacket) The weather started off rainy, but by the time I got to the starting point, it stopped. My kind of luck right.

So, I arrived at around 9:15 am at the Bronx Courthouse located at 161st street and The Grand Concourse. I’d say after waiting around for a while, wheels down were at 10:30-10:45. And off we went!

It was a fun ride. I got to see a lot of parts of the Bronx that I had never seen before. And I think I would definitely check out some of the routes on my off time. There were 3 rest stops along the route which doled out water and granola bars. Thank goodness!

I would say my favorite part of the ride was Orchard Beach. Seeing the beach after the summer, riding on the boardwalk was great.

The ride concluded at the Botanical garden, where we were blessed with a post ride snack of Dominoes pizza and powerade. Yum! And also a Tshirt! I must say it was an enjoyable ride. Except for the start. Where its always hectic. I will definitely be putting this on my long list of rides for next year!



Just a side note. 

So I tried out for the bicycle roots/hatch map team today. The ride was really good. I must say I really pushed myself to my limits. About 10 women showed up today. Which made me nervous because I was competing for one of the 2-3 spots on the team. Did a couple of laps around Central Park at about 14 mph. Which was my fastest average speed. Ever! Decent always kills me. I’ve seen way too many videos of cyclist crashing on decents. Either an obstruction in the road or hitting the breaks too hard. So that’s going to be bit of challenge for me. 

We did some pacelining which I really enjoyed. I’ve ridden in many group rides. But to be coordinated and actually working as a group was very enjoyable. 

I’m really hoping I get the opportunity to be a part of this team. Fingers crossed!! 


  Group pic with (fingers crossed) the team 

 Loops with the team in Central Park.   


Let’s get ready for fall bike riding!

Hey guys! It’s the #URBANROADCYLIST and I’m back at it again. 

Ok, so whether you want to believe it or not, fall is upon us. (Even though it actually like it feels like freaking winter!) and If you’re crazy like me, you’re going to be riding no matter what. 

So I figured I’d share some tips for the chilly riding weather. 

Where o’where should I even start?? Let’s start with clothing. 

So it’s not summer anymore 😢. So bike shorts and jersey isn’t the best idea. The goal is to keep the core of your body warm and dry. Which basically means, layer up. Polyester or nylon/spandex are good choices for a base layer. Whatever you do, opt out of wearing cotton. It keeps sweat trapped and holds it against your skin. (First hand experience and it wasn’t the best….)

For the outer layer some say for a jacket with a soft shell. I’ve personally been riding with #Chromes hardshell storm pacha. It’s mostly for wet conditions. But it keeps the wind out and with a long sleeve shirt I can’t even tell it’s 52 degrees outside. It has a rear pocket which is handy for (in my case) a banana, a pump, my keys or my phone. And the best part is, it has pit vents!! You can zip the pits down and get some fresh air flowing through your under pits. 

Today was an especially cold day, so the other key parts of your body you need to keep warm are you hands, feet and head. You can wear a wool stocking cap or helmet liner. Just make sure it’s thin enough to go under your helmet. If you’re riding clipless like me, thick socks aren’t really an option unless you go a size bigger on your bike shoes. You can also go the route of wearing water proof/ wind proof booties over your shoes. As far as gloves, I have a nice pair of insulated wool gloves that I got from an army/navy store near my job. There the ones that you can pull your 4 fingers out. They’re comfortable and warm. And I’m able to shift easily. I’m looking into a pair of pearl Izumi gloves. I’ll keep you updated on warmness and comfortability. 

I’ll be back for more tips for taking care of your bike through these cold weather months. 

Until next time!

-The Urban Road Cyclist


Just a little introduction….

For starters, my name is Azzey. And I’ve come here to record and share my experiences and activities on my road to becoming an #urbanroadcyclist. 

I’m from New York City  (born and raised). I’ve been riding seriously for about a year and a half and have fallen in love with the sport. So much that I’ve participated in the Five Boro Bike Tour, The Epic Ride and The Tour De Bronx.  I’m competing in my first Gran Fondo (more on that to come in following posts) and  I’m beyond nervous. Not only because I’m a female, lts also because it seems that there aren’t many women of color (hope that’s the right term) in the cycling world. 

I’m also a single mom and that’s also challenging. Juggling work, cycling events, parenting is a handful! 

 I just tried out for the Bicycle Roots/Hatchmap cycling team earlier today. Fingers crossed that I make the team. This is absolutely an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m beyond greatful to have a chance to experience this.  

Well I guess that’s enough for now

Until next time!

-The Urban Road Cyclist